"Just imagine you have an app, and one of the most used features is hidden."
Do you think you can easily share your WiFi password with your loved ones in no time via the Vodafone application? I told my wife just randomly... everything started like that. As expected, I opened the app and asked her if she could try it.
She found and shared it in 2 minutes with my help. How many users would spend more than 15 seconds to find a feature? Even though she/he knows there is one in the app.
"All hypotheses start with a certain level of doubt."

I did a remote user test with 4 friends of mine to see if this hypothesis was worth investigating. Guerilla tests always helped me understand whether I should carry on or not. Let's see the results below.
We had several team meetings, and I demonstrated multiple solutions. The one that received the highest vote from the team was the solution that located three dots on the Wi-Fi tile (image on the left-hand side)
The test results were not brilliant. As shown below, we got just a 5% success rate.
We had to come together and figure out why some people, 95%, cannot see this icon 🤯 We concluded that going with an Android share icon was a wrong idea because this icon represents opening a menu. Perhaps you were thinking the same while looking at the screens.
For the next step, we conducted a quick survey with a separate group of Vodafone customers to determine whether customers knew the share icon. In a nutshell, we showed the iOS share icon and asked iPhone users, "What does the icon mean?" the same question also went to Android users.
I devised two solutions for the test - one involved utilizing the operating system share icons on the WiFi dashboard tile, while the other employed the same approach along with a feature introduction tooltip (below)
Let's check the results.
Task - 1 (iOS and Android icons)
Task - 2 (iOS and Android icons + informative tooltip)
Through dedication and hard work, I was able to achieve a remarkable improvement of 44.5%. This success serves as a great starting point for even more impressive achievements in the future.
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