Overview: The team's primary objective was to address the issue of the lack of communication between sales representatives and bulk buyers in Italy.
Day 1 (customer journey map)
The sales representatives and other team members worked together to create a customer journey map. During this process, we identified that bulk buyers entering the Metro store wanted to communicate with sales representatives about product availability, amount, and alternatives. Because the worst thing they encountered was not being able to find a product on the supermarket shelves that was on their shopping list 👎
Day 2 (sketch and decide)
Every team had the opportunity to present their possible solution sketches ✍️ to the entire team. Each team member voted for potential solutions, and we created a basic flow for the high-end prototype to be tested by users.
Day 3 (prototype)
In our app, we plan to have a feature for creating grocery lists. We will encourage users to use the Metro app to make their lists, allowing them to receive notifications in case any item on their list is unavailable. If a user gets a notification, they can click on it to be taken to a recommendation screen displaying alternative products Metro offers. The user can then choose to either accept one of the suggestions or decline it.

If the customer declines the recommended article, a direct communication option with a salesperson will create an action sheet. We want to make sure whether he wants to contact a salesperson before declining our recommendation.
Day 4 (test with customers)
On the final day, we invited six customers based on our defined persona. The usability tests went well, but the interview sessions after the prototype tests were not as brilliant as we expected because the customers asked us just to enable them to communicate with sales representatives via Whatsapp 😆 The reason for their setback was simple - they refused to transition from using paper lists to digital ones...
Talking to the target audience beforehand is crucial to achieving a reasonable outcome in any testing process. Failure to do so will result in designing for yourself, which must be avoided at all costs.
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