The first solution
Problem: Metro Market sales decreased significantly after the COVID-19 outbreaks. Therefore, the company demanded departments come up with ideas to reduce company expenses.
Goal: As the mobile application team, we want to use our application to reduce the company's costs.
Solution: After an idea generation session, we focused on reducing the printing materials METRO sends customers using our mobile app. The quick-win solution was converting paper brochures sent to customers to digital media, making them accessible via the METRO mobile app. 
I added the toggle button on the promotion page (right-hand side) to encourage users to use paperless leaflets.
Result: Approximately 1% of 300.000 app customers switched on the toggle.

Second iteration
Problem: Customers overlook the switch button, which stops them from getting paper leaflets.
Solution: After googling and reading articles about e-invoices and going paperless, I realised we could use a tree metaphor to catch people's attention because most of us respect nature.
Result:  In 3 months, approximately 17% of overall app customers switched on the e-invoice feature and opted out of receiving the leaflets.

final sketches of how to encourage users to switch on the e-invoice feature

Play and watch the final solution

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