PART.1 "We don't read"
Problem: Metro Market sales decreased significantly after the COVID-19 outbreaks. Therefore, the company demanded departments to come up with ideas.
Goal: As the mobile application team, we want to help reduce the company's costs by using our application.
Solution: After an idea generation session, we focused on reducing the printing materials sent to customers by METRO using our mobile app.  The quick win solution was converting paper brochures sent to customers to digital media, making them accessible via the METRO mobile app. Another idea that would have a considerable effect was encouraging the customers to switch from paper invoices to e-invoices and leaflets. 
I added the toggle button on the invoice page for those who want to get their invoices as PDF files.  A similar solution was added to the promotion page (solution 1) to encourage the users to go for paperless leaflets.
Result: Approximately  1% of 300.000 app customers switched on the e-invoice feature in one month, which was an apparent failure.

PART.2  "Harnessing the power of emotional design"
Problem: Customers overlook the switch button that stops them from getting paper invoices.
Solution: After googling and reading articles about e-invoices and going paperless, I realised we could use a tree metaphor to catch people's attention because most of us respect nature (solution 2)
Result:  In 3 months, approximately 17% of overall app customers switched on the e-invoice feature and opted out of receiving the leaflets.

final sketches of how to encourage users to switch on the e-invoice feature

Play and watch the final solution

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