After 14 user tests and 3 design iterations, we came up with the very first high fidelity prototype which demonstrates search result page and "add to list" function. We shared the solution with our stakeholders via Youtube.
We evaluated our solution based on feedback given by the users. This video shows the latest prototype which got the highest score.
App Store, Google Play Store or user feedback days help us to understand our customers' needs. We think of the iterative design process as a continuous cycle of prototyping, testing, and making adjustments and refinements. 
So far, we have modified add to list feature and prepared new prototype and 5 out of 6 users completed the task successfully.
1. Please, add 5 x "Regaleali Rosso Nero d'Avola ..." wine into your wish list
2. Remove the article which is added shortly before from your wish list
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