My name is Özgür Ablak, I have worked for medium to large companies in Turkey as a designer and front-end developer for 15 years. 
I have been living in Germany since 2018, over the course of this period, I worked at Metro market which is operating wholesale and cash/carry business in 25 countries around the world. My role at Metro was Visual and interaction designer. 
As a visual designer, I designed interfaces, illustrations, and animations for native and web platforms. Furthermore, I managed the global mobile design guideline.
As an Interaction Designer, I prepared user flows, wireframes, and high fidelity interactive prototypes and carried out usability test sessions with customers or my colleagues at Metro.
Currently, I have been working at Vodafone GmbH for one year as a designer. I am responsible for UI and Interaction design.
I am a lifelong learner. So far, I have created animations and micro-interactions for Vodafone App by using Adobe After Effects, still learning new tricks. Also, I' am into 3D design as well.

If you want to get some professional information about my background, please check my Linkedin account or download my resume.

Best Regards
Ö. Özgür Ablak
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