My name is Özgür Ablak, I worked for medium to large companies in Turkey as a designer and front-end developer for 15 years.  Currently, I' ve been working at Metro Germany since 2018 as a mobile UI/UX designer.
I am a lifelong learner. So far,  I have created animations and micro-interactions for Metro App by using Adobe After Effects, still learning new tricks. Also, I have been studying Javascript for 1 month.
I speak Turkish as a native language and trying to improve my English level frankly, I would prefer to learn quantum physics instead of learning a new language :)
By the way, this is Kelly which is sitting on my lap, it is not my dog but he is a good friend of mine unfortunately,  he won't leave me alone especially when working on my projects, "qd4rftytrtyc . rtcwtectrgthtjyuly64" his message for you  :)
If you want to get some professional information about my background, please check my 
linkedin account or download my resume.
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